Urban Airship Unveils Industry’s First Real-Time Mobile Data Streaming Service, Urban Airship Connect

PORTLAND, Ore., – September 29, 2015 – Urban Airship, the leading mobile engagement platform, today introduced Urban Airship Connect, the industry’s first solution that unlocks the full potential of real-time mobile information for every part of a business.

Urban Airship Connect makes it simple for digital marketers and data teams to select and stream granular mobile signals of customers’ interests, preferences and intentions to any other business system, driving actions within marketing automation platforms, ad targeting solutions, business intelligence systems, customer databases and more. Joined at launch by 10 partners with connections to more than 50 business systems, marketers and data analysts can put mobile user-centric insights to work in minutes.

Mobile is the front door for businesses with mobile app usage pegged at five to 10 times higher than Web activity. However, the usefulness of the sheer volume of behavioral mobile data is limited by existing approaches that rely on pre-defined reports, aggregate data or batch exports that lack both timeliness and the necessary granularity.

“Traditionally, marketers use analytics retrospectively to analyze highly structured customer and campaign data and apply what they learn to the next campaign or customer experience improvement project. In a contextual marketing engine, you must apply analytics on the fly within the interaction cycle,” (Forrester Research, Inc., The Power of Customer Context, 4/14/14). With Urban Airship Connect, marketers and data analysts can easily zero in on the exact mobile insights necessary to drive automated and targeted actions in other systems. For example, businesses can instantly:

  • Send a persuasive win-back email the moment a user uninstalls an app
  • Notify a sales associate when a VIP customer is looking for answers in-store
  • Present a can’t miss Facebook offer based on the product they just researched
  • Feed mobile campaign and audience data to BI solutions for cross-channel attribution and to understand mobile’s ROI impact on the business
  • Send signals across a supply chain, as safety or inventory checks are being performed, to speed the flow of information and drive business efficiencies

Urban Airship Connect seamlessly ties the user journey together across any business system through a flexible user identification system using device IDs, user IDs, Apple’s IDFA and Google’s Advertising ID, custom CRM identifiers, or other IDs, resulting in more accurate campaign attribution and personalization. Existing Urban Airship customers can simply “turn on” Urban Airship Connect, while new customers benefit from only needing a single SDK for both the broadest mobile engagement capabilities and real-time mobile data streaming that enriches existing customer data and drives more effective targeting and automation for cross-channel marketing.

“Mobile is the most personal, permission-based experience brands can have with customers, and now they have a powerful solution to use real-time behavioral insights as powerful triggers for actions in any other system,” said Brett Caine, president and CEO, Urban Airship. “Today, we are moving the mobile industry forward with a commitment to an open omnichannel approach where data freedom empowers businesses to act with insight and benefit from prior investments in business systems.”


Urban Airship Connect will be generally available in Q4 this year, including pre-built connectors to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and Amazon Kinesis, as well as many other partner integrations including a new strategic partnership with mParticle. An easy-to-use streaming API and server libraries ease custom integrations. For more information, visit https://www.urbanairship.com/products/connect or register for a webinar on October 6. Early webinar at 11am EDT Later webinar at 1pm EDT

Customer Quotes

“Redbox uses numerous solutions to deliver a great digital experience to our customers, including Urban Airship and Adobe Marketing Cloud,” said Kimberlie Christen, senior manager, mobile strategy & innovation at Redbox. “With more than 60 percent of our online traffic coming through mobile channels, we see tremendous value in having real-time mobile behavior data connected to our analytics and CRM systems for deeper analysis and to drive more relevant and targeted cross-channel marketing. Urban Airship Connect has the potential to help us close the data gaps to further optimize our mobile marketing while continuing to personalize the mobile customer’s experience.”

“Rhapsody is incredibly savvy when it comes to the knowledge around fans’ musical preferences. We recently proved that value working with BandPage to send superfans band-specific notifications that they responded to at 50X the rate of banner ads and 10X the rate of Facebook ads,” said Greg Spils, director, traffic & demand at Rhapsody International. “Solutions like Urban Airship Connect will make it even easier for analytics and algorithms to be applied to real-time mobile behavioral data and actioned across our channels.”

“Urban Airship Connect and its connections to other business systems will offer the ability to see and analyze, in real time, how people are using apps,” said Matt Restivo, director of product management, NHL. “This is going to change the way in which businesses interact with users, and understand usage patterns.”

Partner Quotes

“We’re excited to partner with Urban Airship and empower more of our joint customers with the ability to send triggered, more personalized engagements via email,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of SendGrid. “By coupling SendGrid Threads with Urban Airship’s Mobile Engagement Platform and Urban Airship Connect, we will offer customers an unmatched multi-channel experience across email, SMS, push notifications and in-app messaging.”

“The pace at which big data is expanding is unprecedented with mobile data as the top driver,” said Ron Bodkin, president, Think Big, a Teradata company. “By melding highly customizable streams of real-time mobile data from Urban Airship Connect with our data science expertise and industry-leading data analytics platforms, clients will be able to have near real-time visibility into the impact mobile has on the business and power personalized omnichannel experiences.”

“The customer journey is no longer linear, as consumers engage with organizations across multiple devices and digital channels as they please,” said Dominique LeBlond, SVP of product management, SDL. “By tapping into Urban Airship Connect’s real-time stream of mobile user insight, SDL customers will be able to take advantage of their customers’ signals as they occur, enabling more personalized and timely engagements.”

“Our ready-to-use integration with Urban Airship Connect gives our joint customers the flexibility to easily use any and all of their mobile campaign data to optimize advertising based on the business goals and user actions that are important to them, whether that’s zeroing in on users that authenticate and convert, or those most likely to become loyalists with high lifetime values,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO.

“Together, Kochava and Urban Airship are ushering in a new era of data freedom for real-time mobile attribution analytics and optimization.” “Mobile offers the ultimate opportunity for advertisers to reach key audiences, wherever they are, with precisely targeted messages,” said Micah Adler, president, CEO and founder of Fiksu. “Urban Airship Connect makes it possible to meld real-time first-party data with our own massive collection of proprietary mobile data to address the entire customer journey, whether that’s powering re-engagement campaigns, maximizing customer lifetime value or engaging lookalike prospects.”

“Our company is focused on unifying user data from all marketing channels to power behavior-based segments that accelerate business results,” said James McDermott, CEO and founder of Lytics. “Until now the power of mobile data has largely gone unrealized due to approaches that limit its granularity and timeliness, which is why we are particularly excited to offer an out-of-the-box integration with Urban Airship Connect.”

Amplitude helps companies dive into cross-platform behavioral data to reveal deep, dynamic patterns of user behavior that are the key to company growth and user retention,” said Spenser Skates, Co-founder & CEO of Amplitude. “Urban Airship Connect’s real-time stream, coupled with Amplitude’s behavioral data, allows customers to understand their users’ interests and drive engagement via mobile.”

“Urban Airship Connect gives Roost an unprecedented view into mobile behavior that will power relevant and timely interactions between brands and their audience,” said Casey Haakenson, CEO, Roost.

“Companies have more data than they know what to do with, which is where Urban Airship Connect’s highly customizable stream of mobile data, and our advanced machine-learning and real-time predictive analytics, come into play,” said Jaco Els, co-founder and CEO of Cubitic. “Together, we’re making mobile big data and machine learning accessible to everyone, enabling businesses to better focus their engagement efforts on customers most likely to convert or spend more or, conversely, are at risk of churning.”

tray.io makes it easy to discover, create and deploy integrations with common cloud services, so that data and events in one service can be utilised in other systems,” said Rich Waldron, CEO, tray.io. “The flexibility and real-time data granularity of Urban Airship Connect, combined with our visual workflow editor, will open up a whole new world of insight driven actions that spans companies’ most important business systems.”

About Urban Airship

Urban Airship is leading the movement of mobile innovators. Mobile strategies must extend beyond app acquisition or risk leaving 70 percent of users behind within 30 days after the download. Urban Airship helps brands build high-value relationships from the moment of download, increasing engagement 4X and retention 2X to turn users into loyal brand advocates. The Urban Airship Mobile Engagement Platform arms companies with the broadest set of possibilities for creating rich, interactive experiences that drive new levels of reach, relevance and immediacy with all mobile audiences. Thousands of companies and some of the most demanding brands in retail, media & entertainment, sports and travel & hospitality, trust Urban Airship to deliver the mobile moments that matter to their customers and their business. For more information, visit www.airship.com and follow us on Twitter @urbanairship.