Why Your CRM Strategy Should Include Cozy Onboarding – Masters of MAX ep. #21

Corey Gault VP of Communications

Featuring Vernesa Ćutuk, CRM Consultant

In this week’s episode of Masters of Max, host Tom Butta welcomes Vernesa Ćutuk, a CRM specialist, to the podcast. Vernesa has a diverse career background, working with various industries such as telcos, pharmaceuticals, startups, and mobile apps. Most recently, Vernesa was the CRM Marketing manager for Sleep Cycle, the sleep tracking app with over 300,000 monthly downloads. Now, Vernesa consults independently, sharing her expertise in understanding the user journey and promoting a user-centric approach within companies.

During their conversation, Tom emphasizes that simply having a CRM platform doesn’t make your brand automatically customer focused and that you need to actively engage users effectively across different channels. Vernesa also highlights the need to understand user behavior and segmentation to personalize interactions and optimize engagement. 

You’ll also hear Vernesa talk about the concept of being a “T-shaped marketer,” the significance of balancing depth in specialization with breadth in decision-making to address varying customer needs, and how brands can foster seamless customer experiences across different touchpoints—physical stores, websites, and mobile apps.

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