Urban Airship Platform Support Update

It has been a busy summer at the Airship and we’ve got a couple of surprises in store that will help shape the future of mobile marketing and define what precise location-targeting, marketing integration and messaging relevancy can mean.

However, what shouldn’t be a surprise to you is that Urban Airship will of course continue to offer industry-leading push messaging support across all the major mobile operating systems, and from what we’ve seen, everyone needs to get used to adding one more name to that list.

At the time of Microsoft’s coming launch, Urban Airship will support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8—additional details coming soon.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been working on our Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) release testing and development and our GCM early access program is already underway. We have many Android customers with millions of users and near real-time delivery needs, and have conducted a thorough evaluation and testing of GCM to ensure the high performance you’ve come to expect from Urban Airship.

For your GCM planning purposes, we expect to make client libraries available to developers by October 15 with the service generally available for production use on October 30.

If you are on C2DM today, we recommend that you plan to upgrade once our GCM support is generally available. Migrating to GCM will consist of a simple upgrade to a new version of our client library, a configuration change in the Admin console to use GCM instead of C2DM and publishing an app update to Google Play. Full upgrade instructions will be provided with the release notes.

As each user updates the app, they will begin using Urban Airship’s implementation of GCM.  Urban Airship will continue to support older C2DM or hybrid C2DM/Helium clients for the foreseeable future, to give your installed application base time to upgrade to the new version and complete the transition to GCM.

If you have an Android app that you need to launch before 10/30, we recommend that you deploy with Urban Airship Helium. Helium has been proven to meet the rigorous reliability and performance expectations of the largest apps in the world. You already have access to Helium if you have a Pro or Premium account. If you are on the Basic Plan, you can contact Support to enable your use of Helium at no additional charge until full GCM support becomes available, plus a 90-day grace period.

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