Urban Airship Continues to Ascend

We closed our series B back in early November and since then we’ve moved into a new location, we’ve planned an open house, and of course have been hiring to round out the team.

The engineering team has grown under the leadership of Mike Herrick who joined in November as our VP of Engineering. Additions to engineering include Nick, Erik, Eric, Marc, Matt and Jeff in the last few months. Friggin’ amazing team coming together.

On the business side of the house we’re excited to announce a few new faces joining in February:

Dylan Boyd is joining as our VP of Growth. From Dylan: “After working in interactive for so many years, I realized how much mobile is going to be a massive driver of consumer relationships and touch points. I spent this past year working and studying on mobile, apps and mobile web which has really allowed me to hit the ground running with Urban Airship. In my first meeting I witnessed one of the strongest engineering and product teams I have seen in years and that was the ultimate tipping point for me in the focus, understanding and commitment to the product. I am excited to help introduce the power of this software stack, marketing data and one to one personal interaction for companies, brands, carriers to to whom these new mobile devices are allowing for more targeted and personal relationships.” You can see why we hired the guy.


Scott Townsend has joined as our Marketing Manager helping drive our marketing efforts. For six years Scott has been a Marketing Manager at Google, helping companies build their digital strategies. He has helped create successful campaigns for Burger King, Coca-Cola, Coldwell Banker, Papa John’s, Unilever and many others. He has helped top executives better understand changing consumer behaviors and empower their brands. He just moved from New York to Portland and is excited to join our community. He’s got an amazing energy and the entire team is excited to have him on board.


Mike Keister joins us from Webtrends as our Director of Sales. Mike is a Digital Marketing sales expert with more than 12 years supporting, designing and executing revenue generation models. Mike has extensive experience helping customers achieve greater business results with solutions focused on enhancing online channels previously at Jive, Webtrends, WideMile and Tripwire. He has successfully worked with leading companies in Media, Retail, Financial Services, Telecom, Technology, and Travel.We’re super excited Mike is going to be leading our sales efforts moving forward.

Little known fact: 42% of Urban Airship is named “Michael” or “Scott”. Think about that.

We continue to see all kinds of momentum in mobile and a huge need for the Urban Airship mobile platform. This team is a great start to what is going to be an amazing time for this company. The best is yet to come.

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