The Biggest Move in the Shortest Distance: Urban Airship Lands at New Home

Yesterday marked the move to our beautiful new office on the third floor of Vestas’ headquarters at 1417 NW Everett St., the historic Meier & Frank warehouse building.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, all Portland Airshippers had one last delicious breakfast at our old office, picked up our key cards and map of the new facility and then marched in a very short parade to the new digs, led by our CEO Scott Kveton and our director of culture, Barb Stark.

We’re just a few blocks away, but it’s a very huge move for the company.

It’s almost as if we were meant to be here all along—in a cool coincidence, our main lobby’s art installation includes Bryan Hunt’s sculptures of nine airships ascending the west wall of the atrium.

After a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a few words from Kveton and the North America CEO of Vestas, Airshippers sprinted to check out our new workspaces on the third floor.

Wow! That pretty much sums it up.

From motorized standing desks to twice the number of conference rooms, the whole space conveys a modern, slick design flooded with tons of natural light. You can stand in the atrium in the center of the space and practically see where everyone is at any moment, thanks to liberal use of glass walls.

Our departments, previously divided by floors including a short-ceilinged second floor (un)affectionately known as Mordor or Middle Earth, are now united with plenty of space to grow.

It’s Day 2 in the new office, and thanks to our superb administrative and IT staff, everyone is settled in, without an unpacked box in sight.

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