SXSW Opens Voting for 2013 Speakers

Last year at SXSW we brought together minds from Google, ExactTarget, Atimi and Urban Airship in a session called SoLoMo Redefined – Next Gen Social Local Mobile.  The Vancouver Sun called it the session of the day.  We are back for 2013 with the next chapter in the SoLoMo story.  Now that companies are working tirelessly to deliver on location-based mobile messaging and alerts, consumers are speaking out to say Don’t Advertaze Me Bro!

Is your business creating a smart geofence strategy or is it turning mobile devices into shock collars, where customers get zapped every time they cross an invisible line?  The traditional tonnage approach to advertising won’t work with the world’s 1 billion smartphone users. Consumers can’t keep their hands off their mobile devices because they offer the most personalized, customized and optimized experience they’ve ever known. Likewise, marketers have more power than ever before, with the ability to reach people at anytime, anyplace with unparalleled customer insight, including where people are right now and where they’ve been over time. The challenge we face as an industry is to use this power to connect with our customers in meaningful ways. We haven’t yet met customer expectations for truly relevant, real-time and effective experiences with the devices they have with them morning, noon and night.

In this session we will talk with the head of mobile strategy from Walgreens to share insights on how marketers need to change their brains when it comes to location-based campaigns so that this power is wielded in the right way in order to build loyalty, and avoid annoyance.

If you are interested in the unbelievable power of mobile to support your branding, marketing or advertising efforts, you won’t want to miss this exciting session. But we need your help to ensure we make the final agenda. Please take a few moments to register with SXSW’s panel picker and then vote for our session, “Don’t Advertaze Me Bro: Geofences or Shock Collars.”

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