Summer Reading: What Airshippers Are Reading for Business and Pleasure – Jeff Baldwin

Summer is a great time to catch up on all that reading you wish you could be doing the rest of the year. Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting team members from across Urban Airship, showcasing how they stay up-to-date on our rapidly changing industry and keep up role-specific professional development, as well as what they read for fun. Not everyone is going to admit their deep love of [insert embarrassing guilty pleasure here] unfortunately, but take a look — you may discover a new favorite “everyday” read!

Summer is winding down, but we’ve still got a couple weeks left! This week, we’re featuring our Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Jeff Baldwin’s favorite reads.


1. SaaStr

SaaStr is my great source for information and reads on all things SaaS. The site features articles and videos that offer practical advice, best practices, tips and general knowledge about SaaS-related subjects, from sales to finance.

They have blogs on topics like driving success with metrics or how to build a strong sales team, with many venture capitalists and entrepreneurs contributing to the conversation. They also have a great annual conference!  


2. Fortune’s Term Sheet

The finance junkie in me loves to read Fortune’s Term Sheet. It’s a great site (they also do a daily email) that discusses all the deals that happened the day prior — whether it’s new venture fundings, buyouts, IPO’s, etc., I make it a habit to look at the financial transactions happening out in the marketplace to see where the money is flowing. With a bit of color commentary from the author, Dan Primack, it’s all in all a quick, yet informational read.

3. Domingo Ayala on YouTube

My kids play baseball and I’m a huge fan of the sport myself. We love watching Domingo Ayala’s YouTube channel. He does little 2-3 minute comical sketches on different topics related to baseball — from being the coach’s kid on the team, to how to hit a homerun. He also tackles some more serious topics like the use of PEDs in the MLB and burnout in youth baseball. Fun fact: Last year I was Domingo for Halloween.