Summer of Push Week Ten Roundup

In the last weeks of summer, our schedules can get hectic with last-minute getaways and end-of-summer to-do lists. To make thing a little easier, we’ve packaged up another weekly roundup of mobile insights, tips and spotlights from week ten of the Summer of Push. We detailed Wimbledon’s user preferences tracking to make sifting through endless scores and player listings a thing of the past. To make audience segmentation simple, we highlighted four key data sources to feed your MRM customer profile, and then provided tips on how to manage your analytics and reporting to make sure you keep creating more relevant and engaging. 

Monday  Audience Segmentation The most successful brands are the ones that know the most about their customers—drawing from app users’ preferences, habits and environment. Urban Airship makes sourcing your customers’ data easy with four practices that will elevate your customer relationship management (CRM) to mobile relationship management.

Tuesday Game, Set, Match This year, Wimbledon’s mobile app served up a set of aces with use of Urban Airship’s push messaging service. The oldest tennis championship in the world kept viewers—no matter if they were sitting front row or watching from home—up-to-date with all things tournament related through push notifications. And to elevate personal experiences, the app allowed users to track specific players and receive messages only relevant to them. 

Wednesday Analyze Audience Engagement Stats matter—your brand needs feedback to learn from your audience about which messages are hits and which are misses. Learn from your best-performing messages with Message Response Reporting and start drawing strong causal relationships between mobile messages and conversions. 

Thursday  Get Rewarded If you’ve found yourself in need of an outdoor hammock or a weekend rental on the coast, we bet you’ve used rating to help you make purchasing decisions. Urban Airship enables your brand to deploy surveys to all of your mobile customers through push messages and rich app pages. If you ask them at the right time, your customers will give you private feedback that can be exceptionally valuable. 

Friday  Price of Free Even though money isn’t changing hands for 90% of app downloads, the value of your mobile app is tied to the utility and experience it provides to customers. We’ve identified key metrics to help you exceed the average app lifespan of 30 days and make the most of this crucial privacy-value exchange in our whitepaper, The Price of Free.

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