Summer of Push Week 12 Roundup

It’s hard to start thinking about the final days of summer. So, in an attempt to maximize our remaining moments of sunshine, we’ve made things a little easier with a soiree of mobile tips, insights and stories. It’s tempting to take extreme measures to win back inactive customers, but you should steer clear of Bad Push and learn the best practices in avoiding app annoyance. We also detailed advanced tips on adding flair to your mobile app with custom message alert tones and discussed the best ways to take advantage of interstitial pages. 

Monday  We miss you  Being needy is about you not them, and is no way to win back inactive mobile customers. Check out our best practices in avoiding guilt trips and learn tips on the best ways to incentivize re-engagement. 

Tuesday  Real life drama  As we head into the last weeks of sunscreen and sunglasses, there are only a few things that can draw us indoors. And one of those things that has us running inside to kick off our flip-flops and put up our feet is Duck Dynasty. How does A+E Networks get such a following for its shows? Check out its use of mobile marketing through push messages. 

Wednesday  Branded alerts  There are plenty of out-of-the-box features available to brands that want to get started with push right now. But if you want to take a little extra time to add more flair to your customers’ mobile experiences, consider adding a custom tone to your message alerts. But—with great power comes great responsibility—don’t get too cute with sound effects as they can easily become annoying. 

Thursday  Front and center  Capture the attention of your mobile audience right away with interstitial pages—a leading page that pops up the first time an app is opened after download, but is not seen again. Your app can also use interstitial pages to offer calls-to-action and content that doesn’t interrupt a user, with the only limits being a marketer’s imagination. 

Friday  Getting started  Starting new things can be hard, especially if you’re learning as you go. That’s why we created a crawl, walk, run approach for your mobile strategy. We help our newest clients get up to speed with push messaging and Urban Airship’s solutions with our Getting Started Guides, including specialized industry guides for sports, travel and hospitality, and media.

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