Recap: Re-Imagine Everything at Mobile Saturday

Today’s post comes from Scott Michaels, Vice President of Atimi Software and @atimiscott on Twitter. Atimi is a leader in mobile and cross-platform development with a core strength in developing for the Mac platform and across all smartphone operating systems. Atimi develops some of the most successful mobile and desktop applications on the market today for many leading North American brands.

SXSW is one of the most highly anticipated digital events of the year. And with that expectation, there is a lot of pressure to be interesting, relevant and thought provoking.

Having said that, I was really stoked to be asked by Urban Airship to present on a panel with Scott Kveton, Mark Shaffer and Brandon Lucas. And clearly, so was the audience! There was a line up an hour before our session at 9:30am on a SATURDAY MORNING! Unreal.

What I believe is that our “Re-Imagine Everything” panel was exactly the kind of topic these savvy crowds were looking for – a dialogue on how mobile is improving our lives, eliminating clutter and changing how we work.

So what can you re-imagine? Email for one. Efforts to make a core piece of functionally better has the masses salivating. Just look at Mailbox, recently purchased by Dropbox. This purchase only confirms what we talked about on our panel, that the core problems, the timeless ones, are the ones that hold real value for both revenue and end users.

Today there is a whole new set of rules. Here are a few highlights from my presentation:

  • Remember to solve a core problem. It’s not mobile versus app; it’s do a good job, use the right mediums, tackle a hard problem, and revel in success or suffer the consequences.
  • There are a lot of crappy, difficult things you have to do today to actually make this stuff work. Deal with it.
  • Stick to your core – you can’t reimagine all on your own. You need assistance from 3rd parties that have figured this stuff out. Remember, it’s one shot or FAIL.
  • There is a lot of room in the Human-Mobile connection for a great product, e.g. Fitbit, Nike+ and home automation controls.
  • Breaking rules can get RESULTS. Re-imagine engagement!

I leave you all with a final challenge: do something HARD and real, with data that people are passionate about.

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