My Conversation with Robert Scoble

Yesterday I visited with tech maven Robert Scoble at his home in Half Moon Bay, a beautiful beach town on the coast near between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. We had a great discussion about the mobile eco-system and where things are headed in 2011. Scoble is a great guy and extremely knowledgeable about pretty much anything to do with technology, so it was a pleasure to sit down with him for a bit. I showed up, sat down and he started shooting. Loved it. And as often happens when talking about our company, we started off with a conversation about our name:

One of the topics that came up during the conversation was app updates. As Robert points out, updates have been used as a way for app developers to remind users of their app’s existence on the device. The problem with updates is that they have many purposes. One is to fix bugs — this does not instill confidence in the end user, and we don’t recommend it as a strategy for ongoing user engagement. We call this “Push Notifications 1.0.”  Mobile publishers could, and should, employ more sophisticated tools to bring users back into their apps. As we demonstrate in the video with the app example, push notifications actually drive users into actionable content. Give users the ability — and a reason — to engage  in a meaningful way in real-time and your app will be much better poised for success.

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