Mobile Data Streaming is Here with Urban Airship Connect

By Michael Richardson, Senior Director, Data Products

We announced Urban Airship Connect September 29th. This week, we're happy to say it's now generally available, and customers are already using it to do some incredible things. With full access to everything and anything each individual does in and around a mobile app, all streamed instantly and intelligently to any business system, the possibilities are endless.

As the industry leader in mobile engagement, we have a significant stake in ensuring mobile apps realize their full potential. Like every commercial endeavor that potential is measured in business results, which, especially on mobile, are optimized by meeting and exceeding users’ expectations.

For an eager mobile team, it’s important to realize that the message not sent is just as valuable as the message that is sent. Luckily, your Urban Airship-enabled app is today’s best source of user-centric information: their tastes, affinities, preferences, purchases, product affinities, location profiles, social interactions and general browsing behaviors — in other words, what they want or are inclined to want, as well as what they expect out of you.

But the reality for many businesses today is that mobile is still a silo — a thin veneer that often doesn’t allow us to actually accomplish what we want. We’ve all seen this in our own daily lives: the blunt notification that draws disdain versus delight, the shrink-and-squeeze app that naively wraps a mobile website without consideration for mobile-first experiences. Businesses are realizing that simply porting digital tactics to mobile isn’t sustainable. It only encourages a viscous and expensive download-and-delete cycle.

As a result, businesses are making significant investments in iterating mobile apps to wonderfully (even magically) support key user experiences. They are mastering smart mobile engagement too — realizing very significant returns by using what they know about app users to custom-tailor mobile messaging.

Connecting the Disconnected

However, a critical piece is still disconnected from many workflows — mobile must move beyond marketing and mobile product owners to become connected to the entire business. Users increasingly expect mobile to serve them throughout their total experience with your business. This realization becomes a critical imperative considering mobile’s influence across channels, its role in orchestrating omnichannel experiences, and the fact that as every customer goes mobile, then mobile is the customer experience.

This is where the challenges get more complex, and the opportunities even more exciting. It requires approaching mobile not as an island — even a fantastically great one — but as the connective tissue and always-on, ever-in-hand digital nervous system for your entire business. To do that, you have to know what individual app users are doing, as they are doing it, instantly feeding that user-level insight to every other part of your business.

This is why we built Urban Airship Connect: to provide that real-time, user-level view of your mobile audience and turn on mobile’s strong signal of customer intent, expectations and needs for your entire business.

Open Omnichannel is the Key

While mobile is now the front door to business, it’s not the only door. We can't fulfill the entire mission of what mobile can mean to the total customer experience or all parts of your business on our own. That’s why we’ve partnered with many leading innovators so you can turn on instant integrations to many of the business systems you are using today. We’re partnering with more all the time (welcome aboard Adsquare, Indicative, Snowplow and Unacast!), and are vigilantly dedicated to an open omnichannel approach where data can freely move to any business system to spark more relevant and engaging experiences everywhere.

You can get started with many of our partners today, with additional pre-built connectors coming online soon. These connectors allow you to integrate in minutes, and our real-time API supports custom integrations too. Start doing things like:

  • Send emails based on uninstall events or abandoned shopping carts via SendGrid Threads

  • Analyze your audience in Amazon Redshift

  • Incorporate detailed campaign engagement data in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics

  • Send Roost web notifications to mobile users that haven’t responded to push notifications or in-app messages

  • Unify user data from all marketing channels to power behavior-based segments with Lytics

  • Connect directly to build your own experiences, all fed by our real-time streaming API

All powered by Urban Airship Connect and its open omnichannel partner ecosystem. To get started, check out product pageAPI documentation or schedule a demo today.

If you are a solution provider that would like to become a Connect partner visit our partner page.

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