Customer Spotlight: Madefire Revolutionizes the Comic Book Reading Experience

As more than 100,000 attendees (many donning costumes of their favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters), flood the halls of the San Diego Convention Center this week for Comic-Con International, much hype will be surrounding the next crop of blockbuster films and TV series announced by the major studios. As fans look ahead at what the world of fiction has in store, lets not forget the namesake of this convention – comics.

It’s no secret that the popularity of digital comics is on the rise. On the heels of an appearance this afternoon at Comic-Con, the True Ventures-backed digital comics startup Madefire has announced a new publisher partnership that will bring its technology to independent and licensed comic book series, including Star Trek, Transformers and My Little Pony. These new titles will join more than 40 motion books created in-house and available as in-app downloads for the Madefire iOS app.

While most digital comics are simply converted from print, Madefire’s “motion books” allow artwork on a single page to move and be accompanied by music and other effects. Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s Retina display, the motion books also use special effects, such as parallax and panorama, to create a captivating and innovative approach to digital comics. In one recent issue, readers could explore a room in a full 360 degrees creating an immersive experience.

Madefire plans on releasing new chapters of their motion books on a weekly basis, as in-app downloads on its iOS app. In order to make sure its readers stay up-to-date on all the latest releases, Madefire will rely heavily on push notifications to drive engagement. With previous releases, the Madefire engineering team has seen large spikes in hourly visits during the 24 hours after a push was sent.

Whether you are waiting in line for a panel at Comic-Con or sitting at home, you can add Madefire’s motion books to your summer reading list. Download the free app for iOS.

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