Just Another Friday At Urban Airship

It’s Friday morning and although we are pushing hard to continue scaling, our thoughts are set on 4pm when we’ll open up our warehouse door to let the sun in and tap a fresh keg.  It’s just another Friday at Urban Airship.
Some of the perks of working at Urban Airship:

•    Self-motivated team. We work in an environment without layers of management to answer to, so self motivated people thrive. Each and every member of the team is focused on the company’s success. We take our growth and our future very seriously.

•    Right now we communicate with over 100M devices per day and we’re working on some cool tech stuff like “Push to Goat” and “Push to Cat”.

•    We’re leading the charge in a new form of communications that only could happen on the latest mobile devices.

•    Quick moving environment. We are operating at huge scale now and the pace continues to quicken.

•    Camaraderie. We eat lunches together twice a week….  Plus our community extends outside of the Airship.  Friends from neighboring tech companies join us at times to help or to blow off steam. Great things in mobile are happening in Portland right now and we have a birds-eye view.

•    Wicked smart people. Not only are we inventing the mobile Internets, we are sharing what we do. (speaking at OS bridge next week, often on panels, hosting user groups…)

•    Great building.  We are in a cool space in an even cooler neighborhood that offers great day and night amenities within a short walk.

We’re a growing team and could use some help in a big way. We’re looking for awesome developers (designers and business folks too).  If you’re interested in joining us here in Portland check out our open jobs.  If you are working on something cool now and want to be considered in the future, submit your resume and we’ll keep you in mind.
Enjoy the weekend!

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