Introducing Web Push Notifications

Urban Airship’s web push notification solution, Web Notify, is here: give it a try for free today.  

Apps still have a strong foothold in your customers' lives (people are spending more time with apps than websites) but websites still offer a huge addressable audience.

In fact, a comparison of the top 1,000 mobile apps vs. the top 1,000 mobile web properties in comScore’s 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report found website audiences are almost three times the size — and growing twice as fast — as app audiences; but people spend one-twentieth of the time on websites as time they do on apps.

So websites have a bigger audience, but apps command more time.

To leverage the strengths of each of these channels, we’re excited to announce our new web push notification solution — Web Notify. (See our press release: Urban Airship Expands to Web Push Notifications, Enabling Marketers and Developers to Send Personalized, Real-time Messaging to Website Visitors.)

If you’re not familiar with them, web notifications (also someones referred to as browser notifications, Chrome notifications, etc.) generally appear in the top or bottom right-hand corner of desktop screens — or just like an app-based notification on Android devices. Web push notifications appear whether or not visitors are active on a website or web browser, presenting a greater opportunity to reach visitors.

It's fast and easy to get started with web notifications. Our Web Notify Starter edition is free to try: give it a spin! 

Reach Visitors on Mobile and Desktop Browsers

Web notifications allow brands to engage new website visitors as well as boost connections with returning visitors. Web notifications can also be personalized, just like mobile push notifications.

Brands will be able to use Web Notify to take actions like:

  • Sending a message to a user who has visited their website and closed the browser

  • Delivering a message or an offer to customers when they’re on a particular web page

  • Coordinate messaging between app push notifications and web push notifications

Complement Existing Mobile Messaging Strategies, or Try Out a New Web-Centric Approach

With Urban Airship Web Notify, marketers can align their mobile web, desktop web and app engagement strategies to communicate with their audience on the most appropriate channel. In our Engage Composer, you can create a message one time, and choose how you want to send it — as a push notification, in-app message, message center message, web notification, or all of the above.

Web Notify can also be used on its own — whether you have an app or not. So if you’d like to take a different approach to your communication strategy with web visitors, we make that easy too.  

As with our other mobile engagement solutions, Web notifications can be delivered based on automation rules, and custom events — and you can A/B/n test messages to optimize message performance.

You’ve got questions, our experts have answers. Register for our webinar on web push notifications, and you’ll get best practices and use cases for web notification you can put to work in your customer relationship marketing, plus a chance to ask our experts your questions about web notifications. 

Unique Web Notification Use Cases & Engagement Opportunities

Brands can use web notifications to accomplish a variety of objectives, including:

  • Transactional Messaging: Confirmation of important transactions such as purchase, shipping, delivery, tipping, etc.

  • Educational Messaging: Informing visitors about key events, resources, new features or products/services

  • Lifecycle Messaging: Welcoming new or returning visitors, incentivizing first purchase, encouraging deeper exploration of the website, thanking social advocates and retargeting campaigns

  • Promotional Messaging: Highlighting special offers or limited time opportunities with the intent of driving sales — or promoting  other digital brand offerings such as an app or mobile wallet pass, like a loyalty card or coupon.

Using Web Notifications to Send Individualized Messaging At Scale

Marketers can use web notifications to deliver timely, relevant and interactive messages based on website visitors’ behaviors.

For example, let’s say a visitor has previously browsed women’s shoes on a department store’s website and has opted in to receive web push notifications. Down the road, the retailer can send a web notification about a sale on women’s shoes to incentivize the sale.  


By setting tags and automation rules, marketers can easily deliver personalized web notifications based on user preferences, actions and other customer intelligence.

Get Started with Web Push Notifications

Interested in learning more? Join us for our web notifications webinar and check out our Web Notifications Inspiration Guide for 15 high-value use cases for web notifications.

Web Notify is available as a standalone solution or as functionality integrated into our Engage solution. You’ll be able to use Web Notify to message opted-in users on all major desktop browsers, as well as on Android mobile devices.

Whether you’re looking to expand what you can do with our mobile engagement solution, Engage, or want to try Web Notify on its own, get in touch anytime to learn more and get started.

Download our Web Notifications Inspiration Guide today to:
– See use cases you can adopt and implement
– Build smarter, more engaging campaigns
– Spark your thinking about web notification possibilities

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