Improve The Way You Push – Maximize Your Opt-in Moment

Push notifications and location updates are proven engagement drivers for mobile apps so there is strong incentive to maximize opt-in rates. Like it or not, most users will not give you a second chance open these valuable lines of communication. Asking for permission to send push notifications and to track location is a pretty big ask for most people. This is why every app developer should consider taking a look at how their app treats the opt-in moment and upon seeing the request, answer these two questions.

1.    Have I had a chance to experience this app? Building trust is essential and building trust takes time. Instead of asking a user to opt-in right as they open the app (which is the default approach) let them explore the app and see all of the cool features and content that it offers.  Then link the opt-in to an action – whether it be posting their first comment, creating a user account, or beating the first level of a game. Even looking to delay the ASK to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time that they open the APP is being tested, and working successfully. After experiencing the cool features and great content that you’ve developed you will have increased your chances of getting permission to message, while providing context as to why you may track location of your users to provide valuable content tied to geo.

2.    Is there compelling value exchange if I accept push notifications and location sharing? The term “push notification” can mean something different to every end user. While the term describes a technology ,that many people still do not understand, your users associate it with the inherent value that notifications will provide them. When you ask a user to opt-in to notifications and location sharing, think about how you can demonstrate a value exchange by telling them how notifications will benefit them.  What will they get in return for saying yes?  If you can put together a compelling case then you will have increased your chances of winning the opt-in moment and help increase the success of your app. In the end you must show with the value of the content and context to keep the relationship.

Airbnb is a great example of an app that is optimizing the opt-in moment by building trust and creating a compelling value exchange. For those who are not familiar with Airbnb, it is a community marketplace for unique apartment and home rentals. After downloading the Airbnb app, users can view a walk through of how the app works, explore rentals in their current location or search locations. When they find a rental property they are interested in they can either book it or contact the owner but first they have to log in or create an account. After a user has signed in to their account, they receive a message stating that Airbnb would like to send push notifications. They also explain what to expect from the notifications and where to configure them. By this time the user has had a chance to experience and find value from the app, making them more open to accepting opting in to receive push notifications.

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