How can I personalize push?

Understanding intent is the key to capitalizing on message personalization that drives user action. Use mobile data–including preferences, behaviors and location–to reveal users’ intent to buy, or where they are in the research-to-purchase decision process.

For example, users who are doing research prior to a purchase might look at several similar  items within a category, read reviews, or add one or more of these items to a wish list. A user contemplating a vacation purchase might search for a specific news story or build various itineraries.

Brands can also use knowledge of a customer available through CRM systems, such as past purchases. Segmenting audiences based on behaviors, locations and preferences, and then messaging to them based on one or more tag conditions, opens up a vast opportunity to send highly targeted messages. Our Good Push Index targeting study demonstrated that this practice yields 298% greater engagement on average compared to broadcast messages.

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