From Good Push to Great Mobile Engagement

Three years ago, Urban Airship literally wrote the book on push notifications—we published The Pocket Guide to Good Push.

Now, we’ve compiled an updated guide. It contains the latest industry research, proven strategies and key takeaways. It will help brands elevate their results from good to great.

By downloading the first chapter in our latest series, you will also receive each new chapter as it’s released. The guide will help you understand the growing mobile engagement opportunity, and what separates high performers from the average. And it’ll help you understand how you can close the gap by adopting new principles, tips and best practices to more effectively engage each user throughout their lifecycle.

Up first, learn what mobile engagement means. And learn why it should be an essential component to your company’s marketing plan. We’ve also included best practices for putting it to work for your brand.

Key Learnings:

  • What mobile engagement is
  • How to use mobile engagement to accomplish your business goals and gain loyal users
  • Why counting app downloads is meaningless
  • Which measures are more significant factors for the success of your app

Go from Good to Great here.

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