Forrester Mandates Push As We Send Our 10 Billionth Notification

Over 10 billion push notifications served!

Everyone at Urban Airship truly believes in the power of push notifications. We all work hard to deliver the promise of improved mobile engagement to our customers. So it is with great excitement that we announce the inclusion of push notifications in a new report by Forrester Research called, “The New Messaging Mandate”, which can be purchased here.

For the first time, an independent analyst firm recommends Push Notifications, along with traditional mail, telemarketing, email, social media and SMS, as a must have communication channel. Forrester has a great history in anointing significant technologies at the right time, and having them include push notifications in this report is very telling. Mobile messaging is becoming the most real-time, customer focused channel, but it is just really getting started, and push notifications are playing a very significant role. See the Press Release

Forrester has a real knack for timing as their report comes out around the same time that we see our 10 billionth notification sent since we launched two years ago. It’s exciting to see the path Urban Airship has taken over these past two years. It was only a few months ago, in August, that we saw our 5 billionth notification. Since then we have seen an acceleration of new customers and users.

For fun, take a look at two fun graphics mapping our:
Journey to 5 billion notifications
Adventure from 5 billion to 10 billion

The introduction of iOS5 brought Newsstand, which made mobile subscriptions a reality for publishers. Now 8 of the top 10 publishing companies rely on our service to manage daily subscription content and send breaking news alerts to their users. Along with Newsstand came Notification Center, which created a better user experience for receiving push notifications. This improved experience has increased the number of pushes that users are open to receiving and brought new confidence to enterprise organizations that send notifications through their apps. In December when Amazon released the Kindle Fire, based on the Android operating system, they opened up a whole new audience for our Helium customers to message to.

Thank you Forrester for including us in your research. Thank you customers and developers for trusting us to deliver on our promises. Thank you team for continuing to take Urban Airship to new heights.

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