Christie Hefner’s Secrets to Business Success – Masters of MAX ep. #23

Corey Gault VP of Communications

Featuring Christie Hefner

In this episode of Masters of MAX, host Tom Butta welcomes Christie Hefner, the esteemed former chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises. As the longest serving female CEO of a U.S. publicly traded company, Christie led Playboy’s expansion from print to cable TV to online, mobile and ecommerce, massively growing revenue including global retail sales reaching nearly a billion dollars in her last year at the helm. 

Throughout the interview, Christie discusses the importance of embracing change and innovation, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt in a dynamic and unpredictable market. She emphasizes the value of a diverse leadership team, sharing examples of how varied perspectives can drive creativity and problem-solving. 

Christie also stresses the significance of maintaining a direct relationship with consumers in an ever-evolving marketplace, urging companies to prioritize consumer data ownership to create their own strategic advantage.

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