Announcing Our New And Improved Push Composer

With the launch of iOS5 we’ve been busy updating all our phones around the office and watching the adoption numbers go up. But along with the new Notification Center comes a whole new set of visual styles for Push Notifications on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. So we’ve updated Push Composer with a few new previews to cover the new visual landscape that is Push on iOS5! We’ve also added a few new features to boot. There are three new ways that notifications can appear, and a bunch of new user controls for governing these new features.

Lock Screen Preview

The most common view will be “Lock Screen” notifications, which are similar to previous iOS versions but with a new style and sans buttons.

Pull Down Display Preview

This pull-down view displays all your unacknowledged notifications in an aggregate view (by app) and lets you launch the app from any specific notification or clear them all. Each of these is now available in full preview mode within Push Composer.

Banner Notification Preview

Additionally there’s the new “Banner” notification that rotates into view at the top of the screen when your device is in use, even within other apps.

Push To A Deep Link

But that’s not all. We’ve also added the ability to send Key/Value pairs of data directly with any push from within Push Composer. What this means is that you can include a “deep link” to a specific place, page, or story within your app. This long-standing API feature is now available directly through the web interface in composer.

Improved Byte Count Accuracy

We also improved the byte counts for your message composition to more accurately reflect the total space remaining in your message, especially around non-English characters.

All of these additions join the previously available preview screens (for users on iOS3 & 4, and Android) as well as other great features like Scheduled Notifications, sounds, badges, and tags. Timezone calculations have also received some updates. Anything you can do within a Push message in our API can be accomplished with Push Composer.

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