The Space Cinema Lifts Sales & Satisfaction by Moving to Airship

While larger-than-life blockbusters still lure legions of fans out to the movies, cinema operators have to work harder than ever to win their share of box-office ticket sales. Italian theater chain the Space Cinema set its sights even higher: Enhance the customer experience by bringing the convenience of digital ticketing to Italy’s predominantly offline cinema business. The Space Cinema app makes it easy for moviegoers to check out new releases, buy tickets and view exclusive previews.


In Italy’s predominantly offline theater business, the Space Cinema wanted to boost sales while changing the way its customers engaged with the brand using mobile messaging. As a marketing channel, mobile messaging has been incredibly successful for the Space Cinema, with 61% of its over 400,000 app users opting in to receive alerts about upcoming events, contests and promotions.

When the company wanted to take its digital transformation to the next level, it made the move from Accengage to Airship — benefiting from an expanded feature set, including advanced analytics, cross-channel message orchestration and event-driven automation.

The Space Cinema is a leading theater operator in Italy, with 36 multiplex cinemas and five out of ten highest grossing cinemas in the country.

Having the ability to target and reach customers at every moment of their journey is fundamental to the cinema’s marketing strategy. With Airship’s mobile messaging solutions, the company has seen 24% higher conversions than email campaigns.




Push Notifications, In-App Messaging, Automation, Optimization, Performance Analytics

Airship provides us with an incredible number of competitive advantages. Its expanded feature set and powerful automation capabilities played a big part in why we migrated from Accengage.”


Gaining a Major Competitive Advantage


Faster Results & Increased ROI with Airship

higher conversions than email campaigns
faster implementation time (vs. Accengage)