Customer Case Study

Orange Keeps Customers Dialed in with Airship

French telecom leader Orange offers a variety of mobile apps and engaging events that set them apart in a fiercely competitive industry. However, keeping customers engaged is an ongoing challenge. Orange sought to gain an additional edge by delivering a more engaging app experience across its product portfolio.


In the changing and competitive telecom industry, Orange stands out from the crowd with its portfolio of mobile apps and services. Orange has invested into more than 30 apps and also leverages major events like the Women’s World Cup to keep customers engaged.

However, getting customers to discover, onboard and stay engaged with Orange’s apps, services and events is an ongoing challenge. The company turned to Airship to implement a push notification strategy that builds better customer experiences, retains mindshare, grows engagement and keeps tabs on customer satisfaction.

Orange S.A. is the dominant telecommunications company in France and one of the world’s largest mobile providers, with over 260 million customers globally.


Orange uses Airship Push Notifications to capture customers attention and grow engagement with the company’s mobile apps, events and services.

Through timely, automated messages, Orange achieved a 74% opt-in rate — 25% higher than the industry average — while also reducing churn.

We want to be on top when it comes to user experience. Airship has helped us improve our relationship with our customers.”


Increasing Engagement with Unforgettable User Experiences

Airship Push Notifications Keep Customers Engaged and Informed


Airship Push Notifications Deliver Opt-ins & Engagement

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Higher opt-in rate than the industry average
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More users tuned in to livestreaming event through push promotion