GasBuddy Boosts Revenue Growth by Helping Drivers Fuel Better in Real Time

GasBuddy created its mobile app to help drivers across the U.S., Canada and Australia find the best-priced stations with the amenities they need.


The Boston-based startup keeps GasBuddies coming back to the app by continuously investing in new features and programs—including Pay with GasBuddy and GasBack—that make life on the road cheaper and easier. But new features and loyalty programs don’t add much value without rapid adoption. Generating user excitement is critical to driving up engagement, increasing the number of daily active users and growing revenue through its affiliate marketplace.

Millions of drivers use GasBuddy to find gas stations based on real-time fuel prices, amenities, ratings and more. The startup’s fuel savings program, Pay with GasBuddy, has saved drivers over $8 million at the pumps.

Using mobile messaging, GasBuddy expanded its marketing reach by 60%. On days GasBuddy sends notifications via Airship, the company sees a big boost in program enrollments and transactions within its GasBack affiliate marketplace. 


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Airship provides the marketing team with all of the tools we need to smartly segment and personalize messages to GasBuddies to drive valuable business results.”


Driving Amazing Business Results Through Timely, Relevant Messaging


Generating Traffic and Conversions with Airship

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Boost in daily active users on days GasBuddy sends an Airship notification
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Increase in daily transactions within its GasBack affiliate marketplace