Customer Case Study

eRetailer Dinda Boosts Engagement & Revenue with Airship

With more customers using their mobile app than ever before, Dinda decided to double down on optimizing the customer experience on mobile using Airship’s app engagement and analytics solutions. 


Activate the App User Base and Grow In-App Revenue 

Beginning in October 2015, Dinda noticed a shift in where their traffic was coming from — more and more of their customers were arriving on their site from mobile devices and the mobile app. As a result, Dinda began focusing heavily on evolving its mobile strategy to create deeper connections with app users by delivering real-time, personalized mobile messaging. The goal: increase their active user base through acquisition and retention, and grow app revenue. 

A Brazilian e-commerce brand specializing in children’s fashions, Dinda helps customers discover daily deals on clothing and accessories on both its website and app.


Dinda achieved a 60% higher direct open rate on push notifications along with a 25% increase in revenue generated from app purchases compared to desktop, in under a year.

The customer intelligence in Performance Analytics reveals new opportunities to keep our user base active and engaged. The Predictive Churn data shows us which of our users are at low, medium or high risk of churn. With that data, we can re-engage users we might otherwise have lost — and quickly see how effective our re-engagement efforts are at retaining them.”


Personalized App Engagement

Segmented, data-driven push notifications help increase active users & grow app revenue.

Data Driven Decision Making

Customer intelligence and predictive analytics power data-driven decisions — and better results.

Predict Which Users Are At Risk For Churn

Airship’s Predictive Churn solution reveals which users are at low, medium and high risk of churn

See The Impact Of Push Notifications

Performance Analytics reports allow Dinda to see how push notifications are influencing user behavior — and adjust their strategy as needed.

Leverage Data To Improve Results

Tie push notifications to revenue goals to uncover opportunities to grow your business.


Airship’s Solutions and Services Have Generated Impressive Results

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higher direct open rate on their push notifications
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more revenue generated from app purchases compared to desktop in under a year