Grade Email

Create customer value across every stage of the customer lifecycle with enterprise-grade email for a mobile-first strategy. When you combine the two, you create an unstoppable path to success for your brand.

Engage Every Individual

Segmenting your audience shouldn’t be a challenge. Airship captures and updates your audiences in real time so you can deploy email campaigns to the right audience. Every. Single. Time. When email is your customers’ preference, we help you create and deliver emails that exceed their expectations.

Create Beautiful Emails with Ease

Say goodbye to writing custom HTML. Creating rich dynamic email content has never been easier. Create and visually render emails with Airship’s no-code drag-and-drop editor. It doesn’t stop there. With Airship Journeys, you can automate email and every other channel alongside in-app experiences to better guide and convert customers throughout the lifecycle.

Make It Personal

Gone are the days of sending blast emails without dynamic content or personalization. Personalized content performs much better. And Airship makes it easy, using handlebar logic to add in attributes and event properties. Every recipient gets a 1:1 personal touch. Now that’s how you show them that you know now! Plus with DMARC and BIMI, stand out in the inbox and build trust in your communications.

Test Everything

Engage confidently by ensuring every aspect of an email is optimized for success. Deploy A/B tests across variants to quickly and automatically validate message efficacy with your segment. Render emails across hundreds of email clients, browsers and devices before sending to ensure everyone receives a meaningful moment in their inbox.

Trigger Emails
In Real Time

Engagement in a mobile-first world means now. Automate personalized, triggered and transactional emails with templates for use cases, such as Abandon Cart, at scale to keep customers excited and constantly moving forward on their journey to conversion.

Track Performance At Every Step

Measure the performance of key KPIs across every campaign with marketer-friendly dashboards to quickly identify how, when, where and why your customers are engaging. Easily identify opportunities to capitalize on or course correct.

Give Customers What They Want

Create a personalized experience for customers to opt-in and manage what type of messages they want to receive. Customer preferences help you deliver relevant and personalized content that is more impactful and engaging. Reduce opt-outs by engaging customers through channels they prefer, be it in the app, web, SMS and email.

Cross-Channel Experience

No matter how or where customers are interacting with your brand, they should always have the best experiences. Consistency matters, which is why the world’s leading brands choose Airship to power their cross-channel customer journeys. With the leader behind the leaders, you can listen to customer preferences and act on them on the channels the customers prefer. Then, use Airship’s campaign analytics to obtain detailed views of cross-channel performance.


Key Features

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Custom HTML
  • Scheduling
  • Merge Fields
  • Channel Coordination
  • A/B Testing Personalization
  • Media Library
  • Customer Journeys
  • Automation With Event
    and Tag Triggers
  • Segmentation
  • Dynamic & Looping Content
  • External Data Feeds
  • Snippets
  • Inbox Previews
  • Message Limits
  • Performance Analytics
  • Email Suppression Management
  • Auto IP Warming
  • Web Opt-in Forms

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