Connect with customers on the channel with the highest response rates

SMS open rates average over 90%, so if you’re the person responsible for getting people into the app and keeping them aware of what’s happening there, you can’t ignore SMS messaging. AXP SMS is a great way to orchestrate high value campaigns to help drive customers to app experiences. These campaigns affect the whole app user lifecycle, from acquisition and activation to engagement and loyalty. 

Make SMS Part of a Seamless, Integrated Customer Experience

When your SMS messaging is integrated instead of siloed, you and your customers win — because who doesn’t want smarter messages that are thoughtfully orchestrated across all engagement channels and touchpoints? (Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.)

Deliver More Personal and Contextual SMS Messages

There’s a big opportunity to connect with customers using SMS — but because it’s also a channel your customers use to message friends and family, it’s critical to get SMS messages right. AXP’s Orchestration, Automation and Personalization capabilities mean you can fine tune delivery time and context — so every text is more relevant.

Reveal the Right Role for SMS in Your Customer Engagement Strategy

With Personalization and Performance Analytics, you can increase the relevance of your message and easily see audience responses to identified segments. Segments can be targeted to save money on your customer engagement spend.

Engage with On-The-Go Customers in Real-Time

Leverage SMS as complementary to your mobile app. Make it easy to download the app, and provide information through SMS messages to further entice customers to engage with the app.


Key Features

  • Single Interface
  • Segmentation
  • AI-Powered Orchestration
  • Open API
  • Scheduling
  • SMS Keywords
  • Link Shortening & Tracking
  • Click Retargeting & Segmentation
  • Centralized Analytics & Reporting
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Opt-in & Opt-Out List Management
  • Templates
  • MMS
  • Dynamic Content

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Ready to create deeper connections at key moments in the customer journey?

Delivering fantastic SMS marketing is just one way our App Experience Platform (AXP) powers engagement, value and ROI.