Mobile App Success Starts with Downloads

by Michael Lavoie

Maximizing the impact of your mobile app is the result of optimizing customer progression through the mobile app lifecycle. 

There are all sorts of initiatives that get the customer all the way to engagement and loyalty, but there’s no debate about where it all starts: app downloads in the app store. 

Maximizing acquisition requires a well-designed and tested app store product page. For example, key enhancements might include a high app rating and plenty of reviews that convey the value of your app to your existing customers. These and other features require focus and continual refinement.

As Airship’s core mission has always been centered around the mobile app, I’m pleased to share that we expanded our mobile app offering by adding Gummicube to the Airship family earlier this month. As the #1 App Store Optimization (ASO) provider, Gummicube helps thousands of leading mobile brands improve their app store presence and drive more app downloads.

According to Dave Bell, CEO and co-founder of Gummicube, App Store Optimization is a fundamental component of mobile app growth. Dave explains: “What this means for brands, marketers and app developers cannot be ignored: the app stores are the critical channel for discoverability and growth. Many consumers will choose where to shop, what to buy, and whom to reward with their loyalty based on whether the store listing compelled them to download in the first place.”

With the mobile app becoming the preferred channel for your most valuable customers, Airship will continue to focus on supporting your efforts to maximize the impact of your mobile app audience. The addition of Gummicube to Airship introduces the technology and expertise to maximize app downloads through the optimization of app store presence. Gummicube’s robust App Store Intelligence platform provides the insights and tools to ensure that your target audience can easily find your app in the app stores and maximize your downloads.

Bell explains how it works: 

“The goal of ASO is to reduce cost of user acquisition and increase market share inside the app stores. This is accomplished through:

  • Optimizing the app description, title and keywords to maximize discoverability
  • A/B testing different copy, screenshots and creative elements to learn what converts best for your app inside the store
  • Acquiring accurate data to understand search volumes, track competitors, and learn what is working best in your category

In mobile, the store listing is the only place customers can trigger an app download. This means that ASO translates into better visibility inside the app stores and a lower cost of acquisition as well for any other traffic that marketers send there. ASO literally drives organic traffic up, while driving paid user acquisition costs down.”

To learn more about Gummicube, see the dedicated section in this issue of Navigator and explore the Gummicube website and YouTube channel.

You can also read the announcement about this acquisition from Brett Caine, Airship CEO.