Urban Airship Launches Digital Growth Platform to Power Personalized, Real-time Notifications On Any Marketing Channel

For the first time, growth teams can deliver rich, interactive, notification-style messages across apps, email, websites, mobile wallets, SMS, IoT and any other channel

Solution partners Cordial, OpenMarket and SendGrid join Urban Airship on a mission for more connected and interactive customer experiences

PORTLAND, Ore. — April 12, 2017 — Today Urban Airship announced the availability of its Digital Growth Platform, providing marketers the only solution to send personalized, interactive notifications at the right time and place for each customer across the entire digital marketing stack. The integrated platform provides a single interface to coordinate notification-style messages for websites, apps and mobile wallets, as well as other channels like email, SMS, chatbots and IoT devices. Powered by a real-time automation engine, marketers can trigger notifications at any step in their customer’s journey — from first visit to repeat purchase — based on the latest user-level insights across channels. For consumers, this offers communications that are more responsive to their in-the-moment online and offline behaviors, delivered wherever they’d like and in a messaging format that’s already widely adopted by smartphones and connected devices.

“With 470 million customers in 26 countries it’s very important for Vodafone to ensure customers are getting the right communications on their preferred channels, whether that’s through our mobile apps, SMS or emerging channels like enriched multimedia messaging (RCS),” said Angel Cachon, group head of digital and consumer products at Vodafone Group. “Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform will enable us to send actionable notification-style messaging from one platform to any digital channel using all the data we have to ensure superior customer experiences.”

“Marketers want best-of-breed solutions while at the same time protecting their significant investment in existing marketing technology,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “When data is open and flowing through a modern, real-time platform, it provides businesses the freedom and flexibility to choose the best capabilities and integrate them in incredibly sophisticated ways. Not only is this better for customer experiences, it’s simpler and more effective for the marketer.”

Research has found that mobile has reduced attention spans and increased multi-tasking, while the number of consumers that say they respond to advertising has seen more than a 100 percent drop in the last two years (Deloitte Digital, “The new digital divide,” Sept. 12, 2016). With smartphones accounting for more than half of website visits and email opens for many businesses, mobile has permeated digital and raised customers’ expectations to be served with immediacy and relevancy in the moment — increasingly, it’s the only moment that matters to them.

Designed for customer growth teams, the Digital Growth Platform offers a single solution to compose notifications, select audiences and channels for distribution, design real-time automation rules and limits, apply predictive machine-learning and analyze or integrate user-level data. At its foundation are Urban Airship’s profile and channels API platform services that enable using real-time customer data from any system to deliver individualized notifications to any platform, device or marketing channel. With these powerful open APIs, businesses can leverage any existing marketing technology investments and easily add other solutions as new channels or best-of-breed capabilities emerge.

Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform will make it possible for marketers to:

  • Use the latest mobile behaviors or in-store interactions to provide precise promotions or high-touch service
  • Remind users on their preferred channel of items left in shopping carts and wish lists, or coupons that are about to expire
  • Tie in with proprietary back-end systems for precise order status updates to customers on any channel, platform or device
  • Email new mobile wallet loyalty members with program details and special offers to join its text club
  • Use point of sale data from physical stores to send receipts, warranty information and accessory upsells to customers’ preferred channels
  • Send a follow-up e-mail or SMS if the customer doesn't respond to a push notification within five minutes
  • Trigger chatbot confirmation notifications from online, in-app or in-store orders with an offer to track shipments

Channel Partners for Transactional Messaging

Urban Airship is joined by SMS partner OpenMarket and email partners SendGrid and Cordial to provide marketers with an integrated messaging experience using best-of-breed solutions. SendGrid and OpenMarket will integrate directly with the Urban Airship channels API to make it easy for customers to send transactional email and SMS messaging from Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform.

“We're committed to providing our customers with products and integrations that allow them to engage and grow their customer base through transaction-driven communication,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO at SendGrid. “We're excited to partner with Urban Airship to help digital marketers orchestrate transactional messaging campaigns across their e-mail, web, app and mobile wallet channels.”

“OpenMarket and Urban Airship are working together toward a common goal of delivering better customer experiences through mobile messaging solutions,” said Jay Emmet, general manager of OpenMarket. “Our partnership will bring best-in-class services to companies looking to reach and interact with their customers on a more personal level.”

Bi-Directional Integration for Enterprises

Cordial will use Urban Airship’s channels and profile API to provide a tightly integrated campaign-based e-mail and notification solution with bi-directional data and messaging to act on real-time customer behavior.

“We believe messaging needs to learn, understand and adapt to customers’ ‘in moment’ experiences, which is very well-aligned with Urban Airship’s focus on real-time individualized messaging across apps, websites and mobile wallets,” said Jeremy Swift, CEO and founder, Cordial. “By leveraging Urban Airship’s profile and channels API, the national brands that count on our SaaS messaging platform to adapt their messaging and digital experiences to the connected consumer will be more empowered than ever.”

Businesses and technology partners interested in working with Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform can contact the company here.

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