What is Urban Airship Insight?

It’s here! On Nov 18th, we announced Urban Airship Insight — a mobile audience intelligence product designed to drive action. Today, I am excited to share that it’s generally available.

To succeed in today’s environment, you have to know your customers more intimately than your competitors do. The best way to do that is by analyzing your 1st party mobile data, since for many of us, mobile is the preferred way your customers interact with your business. We designed Urban Airship Insight so mobile teams could easily understand their mobile audience and uncover the key factors to drive their mobile app growth.  

As we spoke to prospects and customers to determine what analytics needs have gone unmet for their businesses, we found out that while many users had access to several different analytics tools, they were limited in three very important areas:

  1. Creating custom reports on any data point

  2. Understanding user-level behaviors and attributes

  3. Exporting data to take action immediately in Urban Airship or any other system.

With Urban Airship Insight you can do all three with ease. Creating a custom view into your data is what Insight was built to do, so that you can take action immediately in Urban Airship or other action systems.

Let’s take a look at a simple example to help illustrate how it works!

Identifying high-value users is the holy grail of app marketing. We’re all looking for growth. Finding users that are most likely to activate and turn into long-term customers has clear benefits to increase the topline as well as decrease the bottom line by making acquisition spend more efficient. One very powerful method to do this is using the direct or growth marketing formula of RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) analysis. The RFM model hypothesizes that users that are on the high end of each of these metrics will engage with your brand at higher rates.

For example, with Urban Airship Insight you can create a filter on the most recent users that opened your app and see the frequency of opens per user.

This type of result can help you determine your engagement approach, as users can be segmented in to low, medium and high-frequency users then compared to the average.

You might consider sending the high frequency users a landing page to rate your app to drive future referrals to activate new users. Medium-frequency users could be messaged with an incentive or a new product feature that’s tailored to a user’s unique interests. As a final step, you can take a segment of your low frequency users and zoom into their content preferences to power your next campaign.

Using the same pattern as above, you can also look at other behavioral events such as people that purchased a product. If you are also sending the monetary value of a product, you can now look at high-frequency users that recently made a purchase and view the total amount they spent on their purchase during a particular time range. This valuable information can help you uncover even more high-value users in your app.

These are just a few examples of how Urban Airship Insight can help your business. To get a more detailed look check out our product webinar, or better yet, if you have Urban Airship Engage, give it a spin with our free trial.