Urban Airship Sends Half a Billion Push Notifications

Over Five Hundred Million Served

We’re excited to announce that we just surpassed the 500 million mark for the number of notifications we’ve sent on behalf of our clients’ mobile apps. It seems like only yesterday that Silicon Florist broke the story about our 100 millionth message, and here we are, only a few rainy months later, with another important milestone to share. With all of the other new product and customer announcements that have been keeping us busy, this seems like a great time to catch a breath and reflect on the past year.

It’s not us, it’s you

As much as we like to toot our horn here at UA, the real success story here is for our customers, so we should be saying congrats to you! If I had a nickel for every UA customer that came up with an amazingly creative new way to use Urban Airship Push, I would have a ton of nickels.

Lesson learned

Push Notifications are no longer an afterthought or just a bit of add-on technology for app developers.  In the early days, many of our customers were adding Push in their iPhone 2.0 or 3.0 releases.  Today, push notifications are central to the creative process, being a critical component of app design, user experience, and brand messaging.

Not only that, but iPhone and other smartphone users not only recognize what Push is, but also have come to expect is as part of the app experience. We are actively engaging with our BlackBerry and Android customers to bring the same push experience to mobile users across multiple platforms.

A look at the numbers

A few highlights from the past year:

  •     June 17th, 2009. iPhone OS 3.0 released, introducing Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNs)
  •     June 17th, 2009. Tap Tap Revenge, utilizing Urban Airship, becomes the first app in the App Store to use Apple’s new service.
  •     July 30th, 2009. Urban Airship hits 1 million messages
  •     Feb 5th, 2010. Urban Airship hits 100 million messages
  •     April 8th, 2010. Apple announces that 10 Billion messages have been sent through APNs in 9 months (Urban Airship powered over 2% of them!)
  •     June 17th, 2010, Urban Airship sends message number 500 million

Looking forward

As we continue to grow our customer base, make it stupid-simple for developers to use our stuff, and provide the world’s most reliable and scalable 3rd-party push notification integration service, we’re pretty certain that we’ll be back here talking about a billion messages very soon. In the meantime, we’re working really, really hard on some other stuff that will knock your socks off.

Next up: Expanding our Blackberry Push footprint, powering Push for the Android Market, rich-media mobile messaging with AirMail, and much, much more.

Up, up, and away! Thanks for your support!

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