Urban Airship July Release Notes Part III: Tag Conditions

This final update to our July Release Notes includes new functionality called Tag Conditions that allow you to fine-tune which users receive automated messages. Automated messages can now check for any combination of tags already present on a device to determine whether or not the message should be sent.

For example, you can now send one message to customers who enter a beacon region and have previously shared their interest in special offers, and a different message to those customers who have entered the same region, but previously indicated an interest in a particular product category

Automation can now also use the absence of specific conditions, so if a user has viewed 5 product pages but not added a product to a “wish list” or hit “buy now”, an automated offer can be sent.  This capability will allow granular control over which messages are sent so you can fine-tune automation rules to drive greater engagement and conversions.

The composer user interface has been updated to add conditions to the automation workflow, and to make the selection and updating of delays and limits easier. All of these are available with a click of the blue “+” button and will be displayed when creating or editing the automated messages.

Users can easily select a tag and specify whether the device “Has” or “Doesn’t have” the selected tag. Users can also select multiple tags and group them with the “All” or “Any” selector. The “All” selection will require all of the tag conditions to be true (exists or doesn’t exist) at the time the message is triggered. If “Any” is selected, only one of the tags needs to exist (or not exist) on the device. If the condition is true when the message is triggered, the device will receive the message.

In addition, reports will now include any conditions in the details section enabling you to evaluate and optimize settings for automated messages.

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