Sonar reveals your hidden connections

Ever walk into a room and wonder if you have anything in common with anyone there? Or what about when you tell a friend what you did over the weekend only to find out they were at the same place and you missed each other. There will be no more missed connections when you download the Sonar app.

Sonar tells you when your friends or friends’ friends are nearby through push notifications, making the world a bit smaller and you more connected. Sonar shows you the most relevant people in your network who are nearby, helping you discover and connect with friends, friends of friends with similar interests, and business contacts. Setting your Sonar Status lets you get specific about what you’re up to or interested in, and because your closest friends will receive a push notification whenever your status is updated, it’s a bit like a “local tweet” letting you share with just your friends nearby. These features make the app the ultimate ice-breaker for conferences, parties, restaurants and more. With Sonar, you’ll never have to scan the crowds again looking for a familiar face.

To download Sonar for iOS or Android beta, click here.

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