Slashing Mobile Costs and Spreading the Word One Push at a Time

Onavo has gained a lot of attention and venture funding for its ability to put users back in control of their data plans. The app, which compresses data, tracks usage and saves money, uses push notifications to deliver good news about how much people save.

“Being a utility app that runs seamlessly in the background can be a double-edged sword: users can easily forget about your service. Push notifications, with their ability to increase interactions and awareness levels, were important in providing a solution to that problem.” -Dvir Reznik, Director of Marketing, Onavo

Onavo messages users when they have saved certain amounts of data, such as their first megabyte, 100 megabytes or gigabyte. The push notifications are easily shareable anecdotes, which not only increased retention and app opens, but drove a 50% increase in overall satisfaction and a 30% increase in shares and mentions across social networks. So now, when friends see friends save money, Onavo’s right there to welcome new users.


“We didn’t encounter a single problem with installation; it was a very straightforward, fast and easy implementation. From changing what content we wanted to send to the actual delivery, there were no major issues. We were quite pleased.” -Dvir Reznik, Director of Marketing, Onavo

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