New Unified iOS Library Released, Subscriptions Now Available

We’re happy to announce a significant update to our current offering for iOS. As of today, we’ve combined all of our code into one drop-in library giving all developers access to our full Urban Airship solution. We’ve also included hundreds of bug fixes, as well as updated a significant portion of code to be more flexible when working with custom user interface designs as well as simplifying future upgrades.

One Library to Rule Them All

As of today, all of Urban Airships services have been combined. Push, Rich Push (formerly called AirMail Inbox), In-App Purchase, and Subscriptions are bundled into a simple drop-in library. Yes, you heard that right: we’ve now released our Subscriptions tool into the wild so you can take advantage of the same code set that powers Newsweek’s multi-week subscriptions.

The Urban Airship Platform

This move also signifies a shift in Urban Airship’s offering. Previously, we’ve named different tools as unique products, and tried hard to give them clever “brandable” names. We’ve thought about this a lot, and we’ve decided to simplify our solutions. We are now offering a single platform with access to all of our tools. This will be rolled out in the near future throughout our literature and site, and you’ll see a more comprehensive approach to helping developers solve their mobile woes. We’ll continue to offer an a la carte option for those who know exactly what they need, but we hope to see more of our customers taking advantage of our entire suite of tools.

What does this mean to you? Well, our pricing is will remain as is, but soon, we may start offering packages of tools and utility in an even more aggressive approach. We think our tools work best together, and we’ll be encouraging developers to take advantage of them even more with some platform pricing options coming soon.

Should I Upgrade Now?

We highly recommend all existing apps using Urban Airship upgrade to the new iOS library. It includes tons of bug fixes and offers a significant improvement to how future updates will be deployed. You can read our full upgrade documentation.

One cool change is that we’ve completely separated our core logic from all display code. This means you can define how your app looks, both for In-App Purchase, Subscriptions, or Rich Push, without worrying how the next Urban Airship update will affect that display layer. They’re now totally separated. This also gives us the opportunity to begin releasing more sample apps with new themes for all of our tools.

This has been a huge undertaking, and we’re really excited about the way this will allow us to provide better code and a more feature-rich service to all of our customers.

If you want to get started now, you’ll find our entire library available on GitHub. Or you can download the prepackaged library and sample applications directly:


In-App Purchase Sample Application:

Rich Push Sample Application:

Subscriptions Sample Application:

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