New Features for Android Mobile Wallets

Earlier this week, we added new features to Urban Airship Reach for Android Pay. With Google’s latest release of Android Pay, Wallet can now support gift cards, in addition to coupons/offers and loyalty cards. While Android Pay still manages all the payment related activities, Google has opened up mobile wallets to allow for the storage of gift cards within Android Pay.

Urban Airship Reach's user interface fully reflects the look and feel of the latest Android Pay wallet passes. This allows marketers to quickly see their work while they are building out their passes. In addition, with our bulk update capabilities, marketers can not only make adjustments in real-time, but sync live passes as well.

Background colors for Android passes are now automatically matched to a brand’s logo, ensuring that the look and feel stays on-brand. Layouts for loyalty and coupon/offer templates have also been updated, providing pre-defined placement so that marketers can place content in the right places for specific fields such as “expires, from, messages,” etc. This helps marketers launch more quickly as the built-in guardrails prevent them from making a “bad pass.”

The best part about these updates — all of it is backwards compatible. Brands won’t lose anything important on a pass (so long as it’s within Google’s requirements), but will gain new time-to-market features that reflect the latest and greatest.

Want to learn more about how mobile wallet gift cards can improve foot traffic, save money and increase sales? Check out the Urban Airship Reach page.

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