Monetizing on Android: In-App Purchase For Android Announced

Google announced today it will release in-app purchase (or In-App Billing as Google calls it) for the Android mobile platform next week. This long-awaited feature will allow Android developers richer opportunities to monetize their apps – we predict it will be the primary way Android apps will make money in the future.

As Tricia Duryee of AllThingsDigital points out, “the launch of in-app payments will literally open the door to thousands of applications currently available on the iOS platform, which have been waiting for a way to effectively monetize their applications.”

Game developers monetize apps via in-app purchase by selling additional game levels, maps and virtual goods, often via the “freemium” model, in which the app itself is free and users purchase additional content as they get more engaged in the app. In-app purchase is also key to content providers such as media companies, that sell additional news stories, chapters, or interviews from inside the application. In-app purchase is also critical for publishers to be able to offer subscriptions for their tablet apps.

All in all, this is very exciting news. As Scott Kveton, Urban Airship CEO, points out in the article, our team has been working with Google to make the integration process even easier for developers to build in-app purchase into their applications.

Our beta program is open; if you would like to be part of it, please fill out the form below. Developers will be able to get going quickly with our sample application and create In-App Purchase items for testing within their app right away.

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