Mobile Data & Email: A Winning Combination

By now, I don’t have to tell you mobile is the first experience your customers turn to when they look for information. More than half of all retail sales were influenced by mobile by the end of 2015, according to Deloitte Digital.

Mobile is where your customers spend the majority of their digital lives. And the app is where your most engaged customers interact. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with for Urban Airship Connect.

Connecting Email and Mobile Data is an email marketing automation system used by many innovative companies and growth marketers. It excels at listening for important customer events in your digital infrastructure, building profiles and sending triggered messages, including through many leading ESPs.

If you are a customer, you can now access the connector in the Urban Airship Connect integration dashboard.

Once you turn it on, you can begin to send important customer events that happen in your mobile app to trigger a well-timed email that your customer can read at their leisure.

Using Real-Time Mobile Data to Drive Customer Engagement

One such event is the dreaded uninstall. Mobile apps tell us how engaged a user is, and whether they are likely to buy or churn. They also tell us when someone disengages completely. And unlike other mediums, this mobile signal is super clear and immediately actionable. By listening for app uninstalls, you can reach back out to these people through other channels.

With the joint integration, you can listen for app uninstall events through the Urban Airship SDK and then set up an automation rule in that sends a winback email, or possibly a customer survey to learn more about why they left for continuous improvement.

Creating a winback automation campaign in based on an app uninstall event.

With the average cost per app install above $2.00, minimizing uninstalls is imperative. The secret sauce to maximizing growth is focusing on retention. Now you can put this to work across email and mobile with this simple, but powerful automation.

And that’s just the beginning. If app users exhibit a certain threshold of interest in a product or category, you can set up triggers and automation rules for precisely timed email offers. New account registrations can be welcomed with a loyalty reward, perhaps complete with an embedded button to download their new mobile wallet loyalty card and double-up your access to reach them on their lockscreen. All cylinders firing in perfect harmony!

Connecting You to Better Outcomes

These are just a few of the many exciting use cases our relationship with allows. It’s exactly the type of integration we envision with Urban Airship Connect. We have a strong belief that your data should be free to move between systems so you can use the best solution for your business. Data is the center of every great messaging strategy. And now you can send mobile data from your app to for better email engagement.

To learn more about how the integration works and how to put it to work for you, sign up for our upcoming webinar.