Leverage Mobile Engagement to Anticipate Customer Needs

How to use location, segmentation and other omni-channel information to strengthen your relationship with app users.

The rules of the game have changed for marketers. It’s no longer enough to rely on “reach and frequency,” AKA “pestering customers nonstop to get your message across.” Relying on old standards, such as paid advertising and untargeted messaging was effective for many years, but you can’t meaningfully engage with consumers in 2016 using tactics from 1965.

To form lasting connections with your app users, you need to be able to use the data you already have to anticipate their needs.

Location, Location, Location

Location is more than just a place — it’s a profile. Where do your users live, work and spend their free time? Build a thorough profile of your consumer and really understand them at an individual level so you can meet their needs and expectations and form lasting connections.

Segment Your Users for Maximum Impact

Say the same thing to every one of your users, and consumers will quickly tune you out. You need to provide true utility in each individual consumer’s life, and you can do that by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Be Where They Need You, When They Need You

It’s essential to communicate with today’s consumers across multiple screens, not one screen. People jump from smartwatches to tablets to phones, all in the span of a few hours. Optimize your app to create a seamless experience across all devices. Marketers must be thoughtful about what types of experiences consumers want to have on each device, and keep in mind the limitations of screen size and the likely context of users.

The Next Step in Mobile Engagement

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