Google And Urban Airship Agree: Push Notifications are here to stay.

Urban Airship Accepting Beta Users for Android Push Notification Service

Communicating with your users via their mobile devices give you an extremely powerful channel to user attention. Urban Airship’s technology allows you to engage with users—via their mobile apps—cheaply, easily, and effectively. We started by offering Push for apps on the iPhone, then we shipped BlackBerry support. Today, we’re happy to announce that, furthering our goal of “one API, any device,” we’re accepting beta applicants for our Android Push offering.

This means that with one simple API, you’ll have the power to communicate to your users across three of the most popular mobile operating systems. Your multi-platform strategy just got a lot easier to implement.

Even if you don’t have any interest on being on other platforms, our API brings a lot of value. Aside from the ease of integration and our amazing support, our solution gives you tagging and broadcast capabilities, the ability to automatically deliver messages based on feeds, and other advanced features designed to make your job easier.

We’re also bringing our push notification technology to all versions of the Android operating system, so your users don’t have to have the latest updates or devices in order to take advantage of these new features. Not only that, our notification solution won’t require having the Android Marketplace installed or having a Google Account.

As always, we’re here to make your lives easier — let us worry about scaling, monitoring, maintenance, and all the other hassles that you have to deal with if you implement your own messaging solution.

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