Dynamic Mobile Wallet Marketing Just Got Easier

By Judy Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager

You may have seen some of our creative ideas on how to use mobile wallets to surprise and delight your customers during the upcoming holiday season. Using Urban Airship Reach, marketers can easily create mobile wallet items such as loyalty cards, promo offers, coupon codes, event tickets, and ID cards that, in a couple of clicks, customers can add to the one device they never leave home without.

While utilizing mobile wallets for holiday campaigns can provide a quick win, the real marketing opportunity is what happens next.

With mobile wallets, businesses can deepen customer engagement by sustaining an ongoing “dialogue.” This can be accomplished by turning a supposed one-time wallet item into a long-term, continuously refreshed, multi-use mobile wallet item.

We recently released new functionality for Urban Airship Reach. Not only can our clients make multiple and continuous changes dynamically with our API, but can now do the same en masse updates within the user interface (UI). What does this mean? Have you ever wanted to optimize your campaign or offer, but couldn’t? Or, have you ever wanted to update your campaign in real-time, but the required technical resources means the execution would take too long for it to make sense? Now you can make a change directly in the UI and sync these changes in real-time across ALL wallet items under management, or a select group of wallet items that meet a targeted segment. The best part — it doesn’t require developer(s) nor IT to make it happen. It’s all handled online — seamlessly.

One of our customers, American Eagle Outfitters, had this to say about the impact of using mobile wallets:

“We are now able to have a brand ambassador with our customers at all times and both the ease of having our rewards card on their phones or the ability to create content and participate in our promotions on the fly is incredibly important to us (1).”  — Jeremy Xavier, Sr. Director of Mobile at American Eagle Outfitters

At Urban Airship, we have long made a commitment to the concept of “dynamic pass management”. This started a few years ago with offering a robust, enterprise-grade API that enabled quick updates. And, not just a single field update — it’s an update to effect bulk changes with just one API call.

Bulk changes coupled with the ability to tag and segment passes means that marketers can deliver tailored and personalized content to individual passes at just the right moments. By using our dynamic pass management capability, we’ve seen our customers lead in this space – from winning accolades such as best travel app for Alaska Airlines(2) to driving multiple times higher app download rates for REI(3). With the introduction of bulk dynamic pass updates via the UI, Urban Airship has now extended its commitment to its clients, making it even simpler and easier to enact new promos, new offers, new content — all on the fly.  

Need ideas on how to incorporate mobile wallets into your marketing strategy? Get your mobile wallet inspiration here.

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