Don’t Miss a Wave with Rip Curl’s Live Events App

The new Rip Curl Live Events app offers fans the richest and most customizable way to experience the ASP World Championship Tour Events. Fans who download the app will get access to their championship updates, quality live streaming and score updates, event statuses, news updates, media galleries with social sharing and much more.

The app also makes sure that each surfing fan will be able to follow exactly what they want as it happens, wherever they are in the world. Brendan Downs, Rip Curl’s Global Web Master, describes the personalized experience: “the app has been made for surf fans of Rip Curl Pro events and tailored to what they really want – every fan can choose to receive notifications about when their favorite surfer is surfing, when the event is on and off and empower them to watch the event live when they are on the move.”

These user controlled settings make sure the app will deliver a personal experience to each fan – with the user-centric Settings Page, an app-specific Do Not Disturb to manage events outside of your timezone, and surfer specific alerts. Additionally, Rip Curl’s iOS app will make use of Rich Push notifications to deliver photos and videos to fans at the swipe of a finger that they can revisit in the app’s inbox.

Check out Rip Curl explaining how push and Rich Push messaging are crucial to surfing fans across the world:

Download Rip Curl Live Events for iOS and Android.


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