Defining Right Time Mobile Experiences

Next week join Urban Airship and former Forrester analyst Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research, as we discuss how mobile apps can grow engagement and retention by focusing on Right Time Experiences and using relationship-driven push messaging to deliver value and build customer loyalty.

The rise of mobile, social and cloud computing has changed customer and employee expectations, creating an on-the-go demand for the right information at the moment of need. Lopez will discuss the big data and organizational processes needed to deliver this next-level engagement. Coleen Carey of Urban Airship will share real-world examples, Good Push best practices and insight into how apps and context-aware messaging are transforming relationships between brands and consumers.

As always-with-you devices, mobile enables us to have more context for understanding customers than ever before, including: in-app behaviors, user stated preferences, current location and location over time. This webinar will share the fundamentals, so you can know how to bring all of this together to deliver targeted, high value content that builds relationships and drives business results.

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