Customer Spotlight: MyLife Helps You Manage And Monitor Your Entire Online Life

Between a growing number of social channels and multiple email accounts, staying up-to-date and sharing regular social updates on your life can be a daunting task. In fact Pew Research Center found that about 60% of Facebook users have taken a break of several weeks or more from the service, citing “too time-consuming” as the top reason.  On the other side of this new connectedness, found that 62% of social network users keep an eye on their accounts out of a fear of missing out on an important update, a phenomena dubbed FOMO. With more than 60 million users, makes it easier to be more connected. Users of the mobile app get an easy way to manage communication across popular social networks and email accounts, adding the services they’re active on, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook, for an all-in-one dashboard to create updates, review email messages and never miss out on what’s important to them. Enabling push notifications will let you choose to receive daily summary notifications or alerts on new messages.  If users don’t want to see posts from everyone they’re connected with online, they can mark specific people they consider priority to help cut through the clutter. Sharing photos and updates to multiple services and specific people can be done easily, and the app updates users on popular posts identified by the social networks as well. One of the nice benefits of integrating your professional and personal lives is the ability to discover and connect with the connections you’re missing.  One of the most popular features from MyLife lets users see who’s searching for them or learn who visits their profile—a handy tool when you consider members have access to more than 700 million profiles. Find out how easy the MyLife app makes connecting with your friends, while filtering through the noise. Download the app on iOS and Android.
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