Changing the Face of Healthcare with Push Messaging

The average healthy person doesn’t think about engaging with a doctor when they’re feeling great. We needed to change that.

– Sean Mehra, Head of Product at HealthTap

HealthTap is working to change the way people connect with doctors and keep track of their health. Searching for health information online is problematic: users receive a lot of results that are of unknown trustworthiness and that aren’t relevant or tailored to the individual.  Unfortunately, people often rely on these results because scheduling appointments for minor health issues is a hassle and can be costly too.  When people are interested in looking up health information, it’s important that they find knowledge that’s reliable and useful.  HealthTap sees this as an opportunity to connect people who are often not engaged with their personal health with doctors who want to help. By making trustworthy, helpful, personally relevant health information, and the best US-licensed doctors accessible to everyone in real time, HealthTap helps people take proactive and informed decisions when managing their health.

HealthTap uses Urban Airship’s push messaging, when users subscribe to them, to diligently and selectively get these users more involved with their personal health and well-being on a daily basis. HealthTap users can personalize the app to get tailored information and answers to their questions delivered to their mobile device anytime anywhere. “The way we communicate with our users is very personalized,” explains Mehra. “Users ask questions and follow topics and doctors, and get contextualized and personalized answers and notifications pushed to their mobile devices. The more questions users interact with the HealthTap platform, the better we can understand them, and the better we can tailor the right notifications for them.”

“Push notifications reduce the barriers for engagement. They give users instant, in-depth information that helps grow the connection between patients and doctors,” Mehra explains. “And this is just the beginning, there are many additional ways to use smart notifications to make people healthier.”

Personalization and push messaging drives the active community

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