Building a Mobile Community with Push

The Brisksaber app led the joint campaign by Brisk and Star Wars® Episode I: The Phantom Menace™ in 3D. The game, which gave players control of a lightsaber as they slashed through waves of Star Wars characters, used push notifications to alert its entire audience of mobile Jedi when new weapons and characters were available to play with. The notifications leading fans to fresh content kept them playing throughout the campaign.

Push notifications have so much potential and are an amazing way to talk to our audience. Millennials live and breathe on their phones, so it’s important for us to employ technologies like push that allow us to talk to them directly, seamlessly, and on their own terms.” -Ian Kovalik, Creative Director, Mekanism

Brisksaber was able to keep its mobile audience swiping away for the entirety of the campaign, which raised awareness for both the beverage company as well as the film release. By leveraging Urban Airship, Brisksaber was able to capitalize on the brief time-period it had for the campaign, meeting its goal to establish a widespread fan base on mobile 12 weeks ahead of schedule. Additionally, the success of the strongly branded app and messaging helped drive double digit growth in sales.

Download Brisksaber for iOS and Android.

In related news, today Urban Airship announced a strategic partnership with GamesAnalytics to offer game developers and publishers targeted push messaging services based on advanced predictive modeling that determines which gamers are most likely to churn, which are most likely to pay for virtual goods, and which are the most social. The integration with Urban Airship creates a sophisticated analytics-triggered messaging suite to drive greater gamer engagement and revenue by promoting the right offer or content at the right time.

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