Apple Watch set to become gatekeeper to the iPhone

The impending market release of the Apple Watch is generating a lot of hype and is being met with polarized opinions of how successful it will be. 

After watching the keynote I was surprised to hear people dismiss it. I am excited for the Apple Watch and believe that it is going to be a game-changer for consumers and marketers alike.

Out of pocket
When the iPhone and iPad were first introduced, they were met by similar skepticism but now it is hard to remember life without smartphones. 

According to a recent Forrester Research study, consumers are checking their phones 200 times a day, on average.

Think about how much time is spent pulling phones out of pockets and purses. Now think about how often you check your phone to react to a message, a call or just to see if anything happened in an application since you last checked – 20 seconds ago.

The Apple Watch is going to change our phone checking habits forever.

Read on for my complete thoughts and let us know what you think in comments below.

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