Apple Unveils iPhone 5 and new line of iPods

Today, in a highly anticipated media event, Apple unveiled iPhone 5 and new iPod Nano and iPod Touch models. However, before getting to the meat so to speak, Apple shared stats on the growth of its retail stores, fast adoption of OS X Mountain Lion, and the fact that more iPads were sold last quarter than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line. It’s a post-PC world indeed, with almost all of the Fortune 500 testing and deploying iPad and investing in custom apps.

The App Store also got a stats refresh, having recently crossed 700,000 apps in the store, with 250,000 of those specifically written for the iPad. According to Apple, 90% of those apps are downloaded every month, and on average customers use more than 100 apps.

Then Tim got around to introducing iPhone 5. It features a taller 16:9 4-inch display, offering an extra row of icons for all those apps. It’s 18% thinner, 20% lighter, and nearly twice as fast as iPhone 4S, and also features an improved camera. Apps that have not been updated for 16:9 will display letterboxed, with black bars on either side, but Apple said developers can update their apps for the new phone very quickly.

Details on iOS6 were lighter than what was shared at WWDC, but you’ll now be able to launch apps by voice through Siri. Another cool feature we liked was Shared Photo Streams, which enables you to view friends and family’s photos from your Photos app. Location geofencing available in iOS 5 also gets more social, going from Reminder alerts when you enter or leave a specific location, to getting alerts when your friends enter or leave certain locations through Apple’s Find My Friends app. It’ll be interesting to see how consumers adopt geofencing alerts to streamline their days, and it will certainly help open the door for marketers who want growing familiarity and comfort with this type of technology. Consumer comfort already appears to be growing, as evidenced by Alex Balfour, head of new media for London 2012, who shared that almost 60% of users of its Official London 2012 Join In app had location-sharing enabled.

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