A New Tool to Help Marketers Measure and Optimize Mobile App Performance

Inderjeet Singh Sr Manager, Product Marketing

We’d like to Introduce Airship’s latest feature, the App Health Dashboard, a brand-new reporting dashboard that tracks your app’s performance through the entire mobile app lifecycle! Tailored reports to highlight key metrics, such as user growth, activation rates, engagement scores, retention rates and more.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-backed decisions. The dashboard offers comprehensive insights into every stage of your app’s lifecycle, empowering you to make smarter decisions that drive results. With over 49 different reports and the ability to filter by tags, attributes, and device properties, the App Health Dashboard will be your trusted companion and  transform your mobile optimization and marketing strategies. 

Drive More App Downloads
Are you tired of playing the customer acquisition guessing game? Say goodbye to acquisition uncertainties with the App Health Dashboard! Identify and track the strategies driving the most installs and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Cost Per Install (CPI). Dive into data on app installs, uninstalls, and net gain to optimize your acquisition strategy for maximum efficiency.

Deliver Value in The App 
Data-backed insights make it possible to create experiences to onboard customers and capture their preferences successfully. Compare opt-in rates, device types and audiences so you canfine-tune your onboarding experience. Discover where activation rates drop so you can create messaging programs and native no-code app experiences that showcase the actual value of your app and get customers to share their preferences and interests.

Engage Your Customers Effectively
Boosting app engagement has never been more data-driven! Analyze session frequencies, track KPIs and monitor MAUs and DAUs to ensure your app engagement is trending in the right direction. Track session duration, engagement rates and impressions to discover the most opportune times to connect with users on their preferred channels.

Build More Loyal Customers
Loyalty is the golden ticket, and the App Health Dashboard helps you cash in! Create and track custom events, such as purchases, for each loyalty tier. Identify segments that are revenue powerhouses and those needing a little extra love. Compare long-term retention rates across different audiences, ensuring your app becomes a mainstay on users’ devices.

We get it. Data is not just numbers; it’s the key to unlocking unprecedented success and making smarter, faster decisions. With the App Health Dashboard, you’re not just tracking metrics; you’re uncovering insights to help shape the future success of your app and forge lasting connections with your audience.

Ready to revolutionize your mobile marketing strategy? Dive into the future with Airship’s App Health Dashboard and optimize every stage of your app’s lifecycle!