Assess Your Mobile Maturity to Drive Greater Impact

by Michael Lavoie

The path to driving maximum impact from your mobile app comes from optimizing the effectiveness of each phase of the mobile app lifecycle.  

The result of optimizing – doing well in each phase – is a compounding effect of more downloads, higher activation rates and more deeply engaged customers, which lead to more mobile app loyalists and greater monetization of the app.  

There are standard initiatives that every app marketer should apply in each phase of the lifecycle to accomplish these goals, but they don’t automatically translate into success. There’s a performance factor. 

Any initiative needs to score well in a number of dimensions, such as audience growth, automation and personalization, and metrics associated with these. Weak performance means falling short in winning loyalty and earning revenue.

How to execute at a high level

The use of advanced approaches and functionality to create more impactful interactions with customers through your initiatives can accelerate the results of a particular initiative – and incremental improvements can compound into meaningful lifts in performance. For example, testing, targeting and modifying are critical to continuous improvements that lead to optimal impact. In fact, small additions can have large impacts. According to Liveclicker, adding advanced personalization tactics to messaging can lift revenue by 17%.

The first step in executing at a high level is to find out where you are in the continuum. To aid brands in their attempt to evolve their mobile performance Airship designed a 4 stage Mobile Maturity Assessment.

Airship’s Mobile Maturity Assessment

The model assesses a brand’s progress in applying advanced mobile marketing techniques to their initiatives and objectives. Specifically, the model looks at six dimensions to determine opportunities for advancement.

Using this comprehensive Mobile Maturity Assessment, brands can identify areas of strength as well as areas for greater attention.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to plot your course to mobile app leadership? If so, you can take the Mobile Maturity Assessment here and receive results – including Airship’s recommendations – immediately.  Additionally, you can request time for an Airship representative to provide more insights on opportunities to advance through the maturity model.

As always, your Account Manager is available to coordinate such a session for you.